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The wave of Richmonds future is excellence in customer service.  The things that employers look for are the same things all Richmonders want and deserve; safe, clean neighborhoods, a quality education system, affordable housing, world-class infrastructure, and efficiency in services.

Mosby understands that a successful administration is a people focused administration and excellence in service will be her commitment to Richmonders.

  • Mosby will seek to employ those who are qualified to ensure that the policies and programs of the municipality are implemented; ensure the cities Chief Administrative Officer will build relationships with council in order to advise and inform them on the operations and affairs of the city; and performs the duties and functions and exercises the powers assigned to a CAO.

  • Mosby will bring outsourced jobs back to the city, no longer will residents bill payments be outsourced.

  • Mosby will explore telework for some positions.

  • Mosby will review the newest efficiency study and make department adjustments accordingly.

  • Mosby will assign a liason to assist civic and neighborhood associations be reborn.


Mosby will put communities first and invest in the basic city services residents and businesses expect like paving our streets and sidewalks, waste collection, and ensuring well-lit streets and parks. She also knows that the quality of infrastructure and delivery of city services varies based on where one lives. As Mayor, Mosby will ensure the health, safety and economic growth of all communities.

Mosby will ensure Richmonders that she is listening and willing to execute, she will implement a blast from the past Neighborhood Teams an initiative that brings Richmonders and government together. This initiative will better neighborhoods by connecting residents, civic associations, nonprofits, the businesses on the corridors as well as city government. Mosby believes when people and government work together to keep neighborhoods clean, discuss parking concerns, zoning concerns, business concerns this allows for a transformative, coordinated process and a people focused outcome.


Mosby Believes Together We Can Change Our Internal & External Services Narratives!

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